Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brick Works Plumbing Problems

Situation map

Water coming from base of hill. What is the source?

Water flowing south down path toward front parking lot.

As early as 2001 I noticed that a torrent of water spewed out of the ground at the southwest corner of the Brick Works Quarry Ponds Park after a heavy rainstorm. The water's source was not readily apparent as the hill directly above it was completely dry. It wasn't until recently that I found the source.

June 23 - water overflowed gully

July 22 - dry gully. Culvert is below railing in middle of photo (click to see detail)

On June 23 I was taking pictures in the vicinity of the Brick Works and noticed this problem re-occurring. I went up the hill on my way to take pictures of another situation when I noticed to my amazement that the off-leash dog area was now a lake! The water was ponding in this area to a depth of more than 3 metres from the bottom of the Mud Creek gully. During the storm the culvert where the water goes underground must have become plugged and all the storm water filled up the depression in response.

View of the culvert. Toronto Water has removed debris from the culvert that was causing the blockage (pile of debris to left of culvert).

Somehow this water was starting to leak into the Quarry Garden below. I am not sure of the exact path but the dotted line on the map shows the direction that the water may be taking.

I am fairly certain that these two situations are linked. This problem needs to be addressed at some point. As with most underground problems the fix will be complex and expensive.

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