Friday, September 12, 2008

Crothers' Woods Article

An article by Joe Fiorito appeared in today's Toronto Star about Crothers' Woods. Fiorito is a columnist who has a rather rambling and laid back style, which is quite unlike other Star columnists. His folksy rhetoric likens itself to story telling rather than more traditional journalistic styles.

Fiorito visited Crothers' Woods accompanied by one of his dog owner friends. While he tried to get the point across that both bikers and dog-walkers can learn to live together, he seems predisposed to choose dogs over bikes. He barely mentioned the importance of the woods as a natural environment. He also seems to favour the woods as an off-leash area for dogs. Note that his dog owner friend blithely let her own dogs 'gambol' off-leash during his walkabout.

The article has attracted quite a bit of commentary from both sides of the issue (including yours truly). You can read it yourself and come to your own conclusion.

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