Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Scenes

A sumac grove in Earl Bales Park showing its bright red colour

Fall is one of my favourite times for walking and bicycling in the Don. The weather is moderate and the irritating bugs are few. Not only that but the colours along the ravine slopes are beautiful at this time of the year.

There are several places in the Don where you can see good vistas. Besides the places mentioned in these photos you can also visit Sunnybrook Park, Moccasin Trail Park and the East Don Parklands.

Yellows and Oranges showing in E.T. Seton Park

More colours in Crothers' Woods


steve s said...

The Earl B shot is probably one of our planting sites.

rudy said...

what a coincidence, that you should post that picture of the fenced-in pipe just south of thorncliffe -- i was just there this morning, wondering what it's for, and it appears to be some sort of sewer/water overflow relief outlet to the don river

i was actually looking to see if i could find the spot on the river where the canadian northern track split in two, the main line carrying on north, and a second line crossing the river not fifty feet from that photo, to angle across the flats south of "tumper hill" at the forks and head off east through the taylor creek bush

the bridge and track are long gone but you can still see the railbed as it runs along the southern wall of the taylor creek ravine, eventually coming out near victoria park subway station (in fact the subway runs along that right-of-way for a while)

Boris Terzic said...

Great pics, took in some fall colours this morning on my long run through the Taylor Creek park.

Save Concord West said...

Dear DW,

We may be a bit farther north than your interests generally lie, we are in Concord, in Vaughan township - but I would like to draw your attention to our very beloved and very endangered line of the (West) Don River. We are documenting our small community's attempt to save it along with the beautiful woodlands that surround it at -

We have discovered the endangered Blanding's turtle lives in here (a new feature on this is about to be released), as well as so many other precious inhabitants and visitors. On the gallery pages on the right we have a 'Greenspace river: at the Don' rubric which we invite you to visit. Other gallery images are also worth a look, as well as our community's ongoing efforts to stop the planned destruction of this area.

Perhaps you could visit us and leave us a comment!

Best wishes,
on behalf of the Ad Hoc Committe to Save Concord West