Saturday, April 09, 2011

"The Camp" Cleaned Up

The Camp, summer 2010

Same view, Spring 2011

Last fall I reported that the city was going in to cleanup the biking areas known as Dirt Jumps and The Camp. Both areas are in the vicinity of Crothers Woods. Originally I thought that both areas would be remediated but apparently the city was just interested in cleaning up the camp, likely due to the multitude of wooden structures. DJs on the other hand is mostly earth and sand built mounds so this was left untouched. The Camp was cleaned up. All the wooden structures were removed. There was only a few bits and pieces left behind.

I can't say that I am disappointed but there really is no alternative outlet for the kids who were using this site. What'll happen now is that the builders will just find some other secluded ravine and start the building process all over again. Until the city creates a comparable facility our natural area ravines will be the unfortunate recipients of these types of places.

Ramp jump perched at top of slope

Ramp jump location now. You can just make out four stumps of posts where they were sawed off.

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FreeRider said...

"Don’t worry kids… just stay indoors and glue yourself to your video game consoles. We’re protecting you, really! You don’t want risk hurting yourself. Trust us, we have your best interests at heart!"
-City of Toronto & TRCA

Like you stated, they (we) will just find another secluded spot to continue building our ‘structures’ and trails on until an alternative is provided.
Oh the Nanny-state.