Saturday, May 07, 2011

Vandalism a Sad End to Park Feature

Wrecked barbecue in Taylor Creek Park

I was passing through Taylor Creek Park on the weekend when I spotted this sad site. Someone decided to bust up this barbecue site just west of Dawes Road. In the old Metro days the city placed barbecue ovens in local parks for the benefit of park users. Fast forward to today and it is now city policy that these are no longer maintained. All the original ones are slowing deteriorating when they fall apart they are not replaced. It may be that there are now more portable bbq alternatives then there were 30 years ago but it just strikes me as a sad reminder of how parks used to be run in the city. Who remembers the "Please walk on the grass" signs?

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andrea said...

lol, funny you should mention those "please walk..." signs as I was just thinking of them last week. Btw love your blog, love the brickworks, I try to visit daily. Psst yesterday (May 9th)I saw 2 swans fly in from over the north ridge and stay over 2 hours:-) it was my happy moment of the day