Friday, September 22, 2006

What the Bikers are Doing in the Don

I'm not the only one who likes to take pictures in the Don Valley. The biking community likes to post pictures of themselves. Follow this link for a good photo gallery of one of their stunt sessions. The place is locally known as DJ's or Dirt Jumps. As I said before this is in a degraded area of the valley near the sewage treatment plant. I suspect that if we tried to evict them they would just move somewhere else in the valley.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated to the bike pictures if you haven't seen it, in today's G&M there is a lengthy article on sewage discharge into Taylor Creek.


Andrew Grieve

Donwatcher said...

I got your message just as was in the midst of creating my newest post. Thx for the note!

Unknown said...

AHAHAHAHAH, AHAHAHAHA, HAHAHAHAH, thats funny, i tottally didn't expect to see those, i took those pictures lol, YAH