Friday, December 22, 2006

Path Reopens

As reported about two months ago, the Lower Don Trail between Riverdale Park and Queen St. was temporarily closed. This was due to bridge rehabilitation work at Queen St.

I am happy to report that the work has been completed and the trail has been reopened. Of course the trail south of Queen is still closed and won't reopen until some time in May 2007. They are still working on that section.

Reopened trail at Riverdale footbridge stairs

Stairs at Queen St. now open again


Anonymous said...

If you are interested in the work being done south of Queen St., this link is to a newsletter with maps, descriptions and photos:
I'm particularly enthusiastic about the "Bala underpass", a new access point which will mean that trail users can get to the Lower Don trail from Bayview & Front Streets, under the GO train line (the "Bala subdivision").

Donwatcher said...

I will be writing soon about the Bala Underpass project. I just received some pix from K. Dion and I am just sorting through them.

Anonymous said...

I heard from the office of Councillor McConnell that the Don River pathway south of Queen is now not expected to re-open until JULY. They forwarded me a response from TRCA:
"We are currently targetting a trail opening sometime in July 2007. We have received verbal approvals from federal and provincial agencies to accelerate the work schedule and are awaiting writing confirmtation of those verbal assurances.

We anticipate that landscaping activities will continue throughout July possibly even after the trail is opened. These activities will be focusing primarily on tree and shrub plantings, and establishment of meadow species. Regular watering throughout the summer will also be required to ensure that the vegetation survives. If we do not receive these written approvals to accelerate the project, the trail will not be able to be opened until September-October 2007. But I do not anticipate that that will occur at this time.

Large concrete blocks will be stacked infront of the completed Bala Underpass until the Don River Park has been completed in late 2008 to prevent trail users and the homeless from using the new underpass."

I hope the TRCA can be persuaded to get the path re-opened before July - it's a vital link in the N-S bike routes!

Donwatcher said...

Thanks for the information, David. I'll check with my sources and if necessary, post updated information.