Friday, April 13, 2007

BBTD Newsletter Online

The Task Force to Bring Back the Don publishes a newsletter two times per year. In addition to the one we send to everybody on our mailing list, the Spring 2007 edition is also available online.

Highlights of this issue include:
- A deer story, by local musician, Danny Marks
- Aspirations for a new city council
- Crothers' Woods management plan
- plug for the 2007 stewardship season

Don Watcher blog readers may find the article on Crothers' Woods strangely familiar. In fact it is a reprint of an earlier posting about the management plan.

There is also a photo included in the stewardship article entitled "Volunteer removes invasive Japanese Knotweed from Beechwood Wetland". In fact it is actually someone planting! Anyone who can tell me the name of the person in the photo gets a prize (former Task Force members are excluded - that's a hint by the way).

P.S. Kudos go to Aynsley Morris who almost singlehandedly put this issue together while the Task Force is on a hiatus. Thank you Aynsley!

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