Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tree Planting at Riverdale Farm

Tree Planting at Riverdale Farm

This year's spring planting at Riverdale Farm was a lot sunnier than last year's event so it went a lot quicker. Hordes of children and their parents showed up this year so the 150 odd plants went into the ground in less than an hour. We needed to check all the plants with a tug test because the ground was a little soft in places and some of the trees were not firmly anchored in the soil. This was just one of many plantings that are happening around the city for the Earth Day weekend.

Ginger and her piglets

After the tree planting I strolled around the farm to see what else was happening. In the pig pen, "Ginger" was busy feeding her seven newborn piglets. The spring time is when many of the animals give birth to new broods. The farm is a hidden treasure in downtown Toronto that benefits many children and educates them about farm life.

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