Sunday, April 08, 2007

West Don Lands Icon Bites the Dust

The Canary Restaurant at the corner of Cherry St. and Front St. East is, sadly, closing soon. As reported in the National Post, the Canary is a victim of the construction work to build the berm on the west side of the Don River, they said most of their business dried up when the Bayview Extension was closed at the Queen Street bridge.

It's too bad really. Even though this restaurant was just another greasy spoon, the food was loved by many and provided some character to an otherwise drab neighbourhood. Of course nothing lasts forever and the neighbourhood will soon take on its own character once the berm is completed and housing starts to fill one of the last big empty spaces in downtown Toronto.

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Anonymous said...

That is too bad! It had such character. Something dull and generic will slide in sooner or later. Ug!

Sonja Andic