Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Don Mouth Designs Critiqued

Beach Riverdale Mirror Article

Two weeks ago, the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation held a public meeting to showcase four different designs for the mouth of the Don. Since then I've seen two articles that reviewed the designs.

The first one was in a recent issue of the Beach-Riverdale Mirror. Journalist Mike Adler interviewed Dalton Shipway, a long time Don Valley activist who has grave concerns with all the designs. Too much development and not enough marsh I gather is his lament.

A second article from the Spacing Wire blog by Ian Malczewski is a more in depth review where he analyzes each design. In the end he gives the nod to the Valkenburgh design with the Stoss team as a close second.

The TWRC will announce the winner on May 6 at a ceremony to be held at the corner of Villiers St and the Don Roadway. Coincidentally, this will also be the place where canoeists end their trip for the Paddle the Don Day.

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