Saturday, May 05, 2007

Old Primrose Lane Debacle Resolved

Hill of gravel, February 2006

Hill of gravel gone now, construction has resumed

In February 2006 I blogged about a problem on a building site in the Lower Don. A developer excavating a property on Bayview for a new car dealership dug too close to the foundations of an adjacent housing complex causing a retaining wall to, well, stop retaining. The city quickly stepped in and propped the wall up with a huge pile of gravel. Everything ground to a halt while all involved pointed fingers.

Fortunately cooler heads have prevailed. The developer and the homeowners have reached an agreement. It was agreed that the retaining wall would be rebuilt as part of the construction of the new building. In essence the new building will prop up the damaged retaining wall. The developer has also agreed to do structural and cosmetic repairs. Construction has resumed and everyone is happy. Local councillor Pam McConnell deserves some credit for mediating the dispute and helping to avoid litigation.

Old Primrose Lane. Presumably the temporary walkway will be removed once the wall is restored

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