Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wilket Creek/Burke Brook Hike

Route of Saturday's Hike, click to expand (map courtesy of

I led a hike on Saturday that explored the open sections of Wilket Creek and Burke Brook, two tributaries of the west branch of the Don River. I recently became a hike leader for the Toronto Bruce Trail Club. My goal was to lead moderately challenging hikes in the Don Valley in order to see parts of the ravine system that are not regularly visited.

This hike started at Bayview Ave. and York Mills. The first leg on Wilket Creek passed through Windfields Park, Edwards Gardens, and Wilket Creek Park. We then walked through Serena Gundy Park and Sunnybrook Park beside the Don River to get to the mouth of Burke Brook.

We then followed this upstream through Sherwood Park, Blythwood Ravine, Chatsworth Ravine, and ended up in Brookedale Park near Avenue Rd and Lawrence Ave. West. The hike was a little over 11 km long and took 3.5 hours which is a pretty good pace. I received good reviews from the 22 attendees. The sunny day and cool temperatures also helped as it was perfect hiking weather. I liked this hike myself and intend on repeating it next year.

I've posted a few pictures of the hike for anyone who didn't make it.

Walking through the Toronto Botanical Gardens

Negotiating a tricky bit in Serena Gundy Park

Single file on the trail

Hike leader giving directions in Sunnybrook Park

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