Monday, July 02, 2007

City Documents July 2007

I haven't been posting any document notices recently because committee agendas for the first half of 2007 have been pretty sparse. Here are a couple of interesting documents from the July meeting of the Parks and Environment Committee that directly or indirectly affect what happens in the Don Valley.

Front Yard Tree Planting: Policy for increasing the urban canopy in Toronto. When it comes to trees you can't separate the ravine lands from the streets - it's all interconnected.

People, Dogs and Parks Strategy – Off–Leash Areas: This is a contentious issue. Several off-leash areas have been allowed in ravine lands but now the city is looking at establishing off-leash areas in regular "grass and swing" parks. It is the Task Force's position that no new off-leash areas be allowed in ravine areas. We need to be vigilant in case anyone gets the idea that they can park an off-leash area in a ravine to 'protect' a nearby grassy park.

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Anonymous said...

The tree doc is especially worth a read. Thanks for the links.