Monday, July 23, 2007

The Other Construction Project

Location of Construction Project, just west of the Ontario Science Centre in E.T. Seton Park

While I have been focusing recently on the projects at the mouth of the Don, I have also been keeping my eye on another construction project on the west Don that involves a minor reroute of the river. As I reported in January, the project is a year long effort to stop the river from eroding a steep embankment that threatens to undermine a neighbouring factory at the top of slope. The project involves three phases, dig a new river channel, open up the new channel and close down the old channel, and shore up the eroding bank.

The northern path has been widened to accommodate construction vehicles.

As of July, it appears the project is behind schedule as they are still working on the first phase. The new channel is almost finished. The southern path which includes two bridges has been temporarily closed and the northern path has been reopened, although access may be restricted as they are also using this for construction vehicle access.

New pedestrian bridge on southern path

A new pedestrian bridge has just been installed over the new channel. When I visited the site in early July the new channel has been excavated but they are still testing its ability to retain and hold the river. Some construction equipment has been move to the opposite bank but the river is still using the current channel. I'll keep an eye on it and update you when anything new occurs.

Construction crew pumps water into new channel. I noticed the next day that it had drained away. As of early July the new channel hasn't been opened.

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