Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don River Video

Most of the videos I have seen for the Don have been about mountain biking or bicycle stunts in the Don. I have also found a some pretty amateurish stuff posted on YouTube including "The Don River Project".

Alas, nothing on the natural environment, until now. Using my new Canon Powershot A530 which has a video function, I am experimenting with some of my own content. My first effort involves a minute long film that looks at the weir just north of Pottery Road. A dam for an old mill (now long gone) was blocking fish travel. The TRCA modified some years ago by placing step like rapids for 100 m downstream. This allows fish such as Atlantic Salmon to venture north to spawning grounds (that is if the river ever becomes clean enough to support them!).

"Don River Cascade" is 61 seconds long. Just click on the big video icon and it should display in your browser or your default media viewer.


Unknown said...

What's wrong with "The Don River Project?"

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what was so "amateurish" about the "Don River Project?"

The idea came to me in a sudden flash of brilliance when I was unable to join my fellow Grade 8 classmates on an "Outward Bound" excursion due to a somewhat nasty allergy to peanuts. We were given cameras, a video editing lab, and 35 hours to achieve greatness in the field of educational film.

Donwatcher said...


I watched your video. Apart from a few facts about the Don River, there's nothing else in the video to distinguish it from any other river. There appears to be more beginning and ending than any real substance. There are many stories about the Don you could tell. Why don't you make another that has some real substance?