Sunday, July 20, 2008

Signs of Flooding

Since June 23, the Don has experienced at least four heavy rain events. As you know from previous years, the Don doesn't respond very well to large amounts of rain. Here are a few pix from some of the recent storms.

Mud Creek culvert before...

...and after

On June 23, I was cycling through the Moore Park Ravine and took a few snapshots. I stopped for lunch and was caught by a torrential downpour. Nearly 30 mm of rain fell in about 1 hour. After the rain stopped I went by the same spot and took another photograph. You can see that there is a lot more water and more debris after the storm.

June 23 - view from Beechwood Drive bailey bridge

July 3 - same place on a dry day

Another comparison shows you the volume of water that flows through the Don after a storm.

Footbridge in Wilket Creek ravine

On July 7 I went through Wilket Creek ravine and noticed several places where the path was damaged from recent flooding. This bridge is particular was totally choked with woody debris. The adjacent path shows signs that the water became dammed and started to flow around the bridge, washing away the asphalt.

Bicycle path in E.T. Seton Park

I took this photo near the construction site where they are rerouting the river. Note the damaged asphalt on the path. Also note leaves stuck in the fence next to the path. This is a sign that water flowed here once. At first I thought that the water was high enough to place the leaves here but considering the light damage to the path, what probably happened was that the flood waters tipped the temporary fence over on its side and it was later put back up again.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Great pics. Very interesting season we're having.

What are your thoughts on working with TRCA to remove that flotsam from "pinch points", and reuse it in other areas, to preserve wetlands, etc.?

Seems like debris, not volume, is the source of the problem in many places.


Anonymous said...

Good shots DW,

Little known fact: as of yesterday, July 20, Toronto (at Pearson Airport) had received as much precipitation in 2008 (594.5 ml.) as it did in all of 2007 (592.9 ml.)!


Anonymous said...

This is something I wondered about in a comment to an earlier "flood post". It does seem as though some tidying-up might be in order.