Monday, October 13, 2008

St. Clair Planting - One Year Later

Planting site, Fall 2007

Planting site, Fall 2008

I participated in a new planting site last year in the St. Clair Ravine Park. The planting, hosted by Friends of the Don East, replaced a mowed grass hill with about 150 trees and shrubs. I was somewhat concerned that the local residents might not take too kindly to the intrusion, but the planting seems to have taken hold. All the rain we received allowed this planting to survive with almost 100% success rate. Some of the trees are about 2m tall. Another five or so years and it will look like part of the forest. Then we can move on to the next section of hillside.

FODE is hosting two more plantings this fall on Oct. 18 and 25. Check out their calendar for details.

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Anonymous said...

Any sign of a reconciliation between FODE & TMP?