Saturday, November 07, 2009

Prince Charles Visits Brick Works

Prince Charles visits the Don

This picture is actually from 1991 when Prince Charles attended one of the earliest Task Force to Bring Back the Don events in Riverdale Park. I include it here because I wasn't able to see him when I went to the Don Valley Brick Works yesterday where he was attending an event. It turned out to be an invitation only event and members of the public weren't allowed in. This little piece of information wasn't well communicated which may tarnish Evergreen's public opinion somewhat on a day when it was the host to what was in all respects a successful day.

A few royal watchers wait in vain for a glimpse of royal couple from the Belt Line Trail.

The closest I could get was viewing the entrance from the Belt Line trail. Even from there I only caught a brief glance of the motorcade as it sped into Evergreen Brick Works compound. This disappointed the dozen or so people who came by foot to see the Prince. According to the cop at the front entrance many people who came by car were also turned away.

Oh well. At least I got to see the park which I haven't visited much this summer. Here are a few pics.

Muskrat Pond in fall

Buttonbush Pond at the Brick Works

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