Thursday, November 05, 2009

Public Meeting on Taylor Creek Park

Councillor Janet Davis speaks to the audience

I attended a meeting on Taylor Creek Park which is the lower reach of Taylor-Massey Creek. City Councillor Janet Davis hosted the meeting to let members of the public know what is happening with the park. Other speakers included Adele Freeman from the TRCA, Janette Harvey from the Parks & Forestry Department, Tracy Manolalakis and Joanne di Caro from Toronto Water.

Some updates were provided on current projects such as the Coxwell sewer diversion and the ongoing testing of sewer outfalls but there was nothing new to report. About 60 people attended so there appeared to be a lot of interest on what was a miserable drizzly night.

One good aspect of the meeting was that instead of a Q&A following the presentations, Davis said that participants could ask questions from staff who had setup information tables around the room. This prevented anyone from holding the meeting hostage while they ranted about a personal issue.

While nothing new was presented it's good to give the impression that the city at least cares about these places. Kudos to the Councillor Davis for making this special effort.

Aerial maps of the valley provided a good place to make comments of suggestions.

Booths setup at one side of the room allowed people to ask questions or pickup pamphlets.

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Anonymous said...

"it's good to give the impression that the city at least cares about these places" -- I don't know how much the rest of council cares about places like Taylor Creek, but Janet Davis has consistently had a sincere concern for this and other areas of the community. It's good to have her on our side.