Thursday, September 15, 2005

Big Pipe Surprise

Last week I reported on several items on the Works Committee agenda that concerned the Don. One item that I thought needed more attention was the York Region Big Pipe. My feeling was that this report would be quietly received and then shelved.

It was a pleasant surprise to wake up this morning and read the Globe and Mail's columnist John Barber who reports that a deputation of York environmentalists deputed before the committee on this item. The committee voted unanimously to support their cause and sick our lawyers on their lawyers.

What business does Toronto have messing around in York Region's turf? Lots. The Don (and the Humber and the Rouge, etc.) doesn't end at Steeles - this is shared property. One argument the environmentalists used was that Toronto had previously supported the battle against Oak Ridges development. Toronto's financial support was instrumental in winning that fight. Now it's doing just the same thing for another insidious urban sprawl-friendly development plan.

Hurray for us. Stopping the Big Pipe can only be good for the upper Don watershed. We need to retain as much natural cover in the upper Don or storm damage like the one in August will only get worse. Or the river might just dry up altogether as the base flow is diverted into the pipe.

You can read John Barber's article online if you have a subscription. If you don't you'll need to read a paper copy (available at any library).

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Anonymous said...

we are now facing a big pipe up north of newmarket - disaster!