Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stirrings on the Lower Don

Homeless squat underneath Eastern Ave bridge, May 2005

Same encampment, Feb 2006.

I was down by the lower Don and decided to take a look at how construction is progressing. Not much is happening. I did notice a bunch of guys in construction hats wandering around the old McCord Ready Mix site pointing at stuff but other than that there wasn't much sign of activity.

I ventured down on to the trail and cycled south (hasn't this been a great winter for cycling?). I noticed that the garbage can at the bottom of the Queen St. stairs has been removed. That's OK because they never emptied it anyway (there's that word 'they' again - who are these guys?). Further south the usual rummies drinking malt ale beside the river. As I passed by the old Eastern Ave. bridge I did notice that the homeless squat underneath the bridge is now deserted although not cleaned up. This is likely due to the construction activity rather than any effort to move homeless people into homes (see the pictures above).

On another note, the TRCA has announced another small phase in the Don Mouth EA. They have released the notes from the January 10, 2006 meeting for a two week period of review. You can find out how to get a copy of these notes by visiting their project website. On this website I did notice that they have also nicely summarized everything in a newsletter, available in pdf format.

As I said the trail is still open but I suspect that the closure is imminent. I'll pass along more details after my next visit.

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