Sunday, July 02, 2006

Run for the Don?

The city plus a loose collection of mountain bikers is putting on this event which allows you to ride the trails in Crothers' Woods or run them. This dual event is ostensibly to highlight the city's latest buzz phrase, ie. multi-purpose trails. Trails users are about 98% bikers and 2% other. Other being runners or walkers. It would be nice if more walkers/hikers/runners used the trails but many people are initmidated by the bikers many of whom insist on speeding through the circuit. What's needed is more technical trail features to slow the bikers down but still allow hjikers to use the trails safely. A interesting balancing act the city is trying but they are not quite there. More on Crothers' Woods soon.


Al said...

I, for one, fail to see why many people are intimidated by 'bikers', as you have suggested, especially when they are not 'speeding'; after all, you have stated that there are people who are afraid of 'bikers', "many of whom speed through the circuit". So you implicitly acknowledge that there are 'bikers' who do not 'speed' by suggesting that some do not speed, and yet you seem to like to tar and feather bikers writ large as people to be afraid of. What you should have done, to disguise your anti-biker bias, is say that there are people who are *afraid of bikers who speed* as opposed to bikers of whom many speed. As someone who bikes and likes to run on occassion, what irritates me, are people who walk their dogs *AND* seem to think that trails belong solely to them. They seem to think that bikers and/or runners should stop and/or leap over their dog leash as their dog successfully blocks of the trail by wading in ditches 10 feet across on the other side of a trail.

Donwatcher said...

I don't necessarily have an anti-biker bias - I am a biker myself after all. My point was to emphasize the city's 'multi-purpose trail' euphemism. They are spending all this time and money on improving trails which are mostly used by bikers, so why not call them bike trails?

I totally agree with you that dog walkers can be obnoxious - they terrorize bikers and hikers equally.


susan aaron said...

This is not entirely relevant so please move this post if you want.
I am also a steward - in the Nordheimer.

The developers proposing condos on the north slope of the ravine have an appeal hearing August 28th,2006 with the OMB.
Anyone who has visited this site, and seen the hawks, and experienced the restoration over the last 9 years will appreciate how important it is to preserve the restoration and not take down any more trees or add to the water quality problems with more cars.

please input to the hearing.
The hearing is # PL060214

Anonymous said...

Hi there, how can I contact you directly? I'm doing some research for an article and would like to fwd a question... don't want to post my email address here unless absolutely necessary. is there an email address connected with this blog?

Donwatcher said...

you can send an email to me at