Friday, March 21, 2008

Erosion Control Project Update

I visited the erosion control project site on the East Don River today. I blogged about this last fall when the EA process was winding up. The project involves hardening an eroding riverbank adjacent to a CN railway embankment in two places.

There was clear evidence of construction with a muddy road and a staging area next to the DVP. The upstream site, named site A has already been completed. This was the easiest site to access. Site B further downstream is more difficult to access. So far no work has been done on site B. Access for this site involves building a ramp down to the riverbed and bridging the river in two places with a causeway. The causeway hasn't been built yet and I am not sure when this will start. I plan to contact the TRCA project manager for more information. Construction is scheduled to wrap up by the end of March but it looks like they might miss that deadline.

Site A: Before construction

Site A: After remediation. The snow covered CN railway embankment is visible in the upper left of the photo.

The bank has been embedded with layers of Red-osier Dogwood and Willow cuttings. The canvas cloth will serve to anchor the bank until the plants have sprouted roots. Eventually the cloth will decompose or be covered with soil.

Construction staging area beside the DVP

Deeply rutted access road. The TRCA pledged to remediate the construction access road and staging area once the project is complete. The rainbow tunnel can be seen in the middle background.

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