Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Erosion Control Update 2

Site B: Work not started. The erosion here is much more serious as it has almost reached the toe of the embankment.

This just in from the TRCA project manager:

Please be advised that due to heavy snowfall and high water levels, construction of the CN Rail Embankment in Charles Sauriol Conservation Reserve Erosion Control Project will not be completed by March 31, 2008 as previously indicated.

Work at Site A (the upstream site near the pedestrian tunnel) has been completed, excluding site restoration activities. Work at Site B has not started, as the approved temporary stream crossings could not be installed due to high water levels and unsafe work conditions. With the fisheries window for in-water activities closing on March 31st, TRCA will re-commence with the construction of Site B after July 1, 2008 when the window re-opens.

Restoration work at Site A (seeding and riparian plantings) is scheduled for early April 2008 as weather conditions permit.

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