Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crothers' Woods Part II, Another Trail Build

Bobcat blazes a new trail

A lot was happening yesterday, new trail head opening, tree plantings, a barbeque, and some more trail construction. I came early to watch them setup a small Bobcat used for trail construction.

Walk-behind Bobcat being moved into position

New trail cut


... and after

Part of the work involved closing off a piece of bad trail. Here the trail runs straight down a sharp incline. Water erosion was exposing tree roots and the trail was being gradually widened. The new trail should prevent this from happening.

Scarifying compacted trail soil

Placing logs and soil to prevent erosion. Also serves to block the closed trail from further use.

The day before the trail build we came and rescued a few precious plant specimens. Since the trail was being cut through the forest we wanted to retain some of the good stuff.

Digging up plants in the way of the new trail

Rescued clump of Zig-zag Goldenrod

About 40 specimens of goldenrod, meadow-rue, sedges, ash and choke cherry saplings rescued. These will be replanted after the trail work is finished.


Brent said...

Where exactly is the new trail going in? I can picture one area that looks similar to the photos, just trying to figure out how a diversion would go through.

Great work though!

Donwatcher said...

The new trail is just inside from the Loblaws trailhead. You'll see it right away.