Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reports May 2008

Amendments to the Ravine Protection Bylaw

The ravine protection bylaw is 6 years old now and is getting a slight makeover. The main point is that the bylaw will now be called the "Ravine and Natural Feature Protection" bylaw. This will allow it to protect ravines and other natural areas such as woodlots that are not in ravines. It will also be extended to other natural features, specifically the ancient Lake Iroquois shoreline. Most of it is already protected as parts of ravines but sections such as the stretch that runs beside Davenport Rd will also be protected.

There are also a few ravines added here and there that were missed in the first survey. There are also three small ravines being delisted in the Rouge River watershed, mainly because they have been modified by developments before the bylaw came into effect.

This was part of the May agenda for the Parks and Environment Committee.

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