Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bathroom Mural Vandalized

Mural on the side of a bathroom building in Taylor Creek Park, Fall 2008

Last fall, I was cycling through Taylor Creek Park. Just east of the O'Connor bridge is a bathroom building. I noticed that the walls had been painted with some interpretive murals. I learned later that it was a local school group. Then last week I was going by again and I noticed that all the murals had been spray painted with graffiti. It's a sad statement on our respect for art in this world.

I've heard that the building is likely to be torn down since it is situated in an area of poor drainage. A marshy area is just to the rear of the building and the floor is often flooded. So it is unlikely that the graffiti will be cleaned up.

Authors and a little bit of graffiti.

Murals vandalized, Spring 2009

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