Saturday, April 11, 2009

Signs of the Don

Sign at the Pottery Road bridge denotes "Lower Don River"

Drivers passing through or over the Don Valley may have started to notice a bevy of new signs posted on bridges that cross ravines and valleys. This is a new initiative started by the Don Watershed Regeneration Council to let the general public know that they are going over a watercourse associated with the Don River.

These signs will go a long way to educating the general public about Toronto geography. The signs will only be placed at obvious bridges and culverts. There is unlikely to be any signs posted over long buried creeks such as Taddle Creek.

Sign on Dawes Road. This bridge already had an existing sign placed by the old Borough of East York which is still in place.

Not all signs are in the right place. This sign on O'Connor Drive just west of the intersection with St. Clair Ave. East is actually at a small ravine containing a tiny tributary of Taylor Massey Creek called Curity Creek. The main bridge just to the west that actually crosses Taylor Massey Creek has no sign yet. Ah well, the city workers who were placing the signs aren't expert geographers. There may be a few hiccups like this until it the sign program is finished rolling out.

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Dan Garcia said...

You'll be happy to know that the signs on O'Connor Dr. have been moved into their proper locations.