Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brick Works Flickr Show

Flickr is a popular photo library. I have used it myself for some sets of photos. I have come across numerous collections of Brick Works photos, mostly interior building shots of decaying industrial scenes. Until I get my own act together and organize my own photos, I bring you another set taken by "picsnapper".


I removed the iframe because it always wants to grab the attention of the browser regardless of which post your looking at. Until I find something better (maybe a flash player?) I will just replace with a link to the slideshow.

**End of Update**

I found a way to imbed the slide show in a blog posting (for any geeks out there the HTML tag is called an 'iframe'). This dialogue will run a slideshow which you can watch in the small screen within the blog or if you click on the button at the lower right you can see the photos in full screen mode. If you want to see more photos by this photographer you can switch to his/her profile.

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