Saturday, January 10, 2009

Loblaws Starts Charging for Plastic Bags

I saw in a Loblaws grocery flyer that as of January 12, 2009, they will start charging 5 cents for each plastic bag. How does this relate to the Don? For the past few years I have attended the Todmorden Mills Cleanup Day in April. We regularly remove a large amount of garbage from the site and much of that comes in the form of plastic bags.

A recent bylaw passed by the city says that all stores will have to charge 5 cents for each plastic bag after June 1, 2009. This provides a small incentive for shoppers to bring their own bag. If plastic bag use is reduced in the city this will also reduce the number of bags that find their way into the Don Valley and other natural areas.

Kudos to Loblaws for being an early adopter of this policy.


native plant girl said...

Hi! happy new year :)

Don't mean to sound like an ad, but, as part of Loblaws' transition away from those plastic bags, until Jan 22, if you bring in this coupon and spend more than $25, you'll get one of their recyclable (#2) green boxes for free.

Anonymous said...

Interesting marketing from Loblaws... Food Basics and No Frills have been charging $.05 for a looooong time. Loblaws is in fact way behind a lot of other retailers.

Nonetheless, my mom and I went shopping at Redway road Loblaws today, and got our complimentary with $25 purchase bin.

I often shop at Redway Loblaws, and encourage my family to do so too, because Loblaw's Redway road helped the creation of the Loblaw's Trailhead in Crothers Woods. Kinda helps to support the businesses that support our community.

Saw Anne Brown taking 6 or 8 dogs for a romp at the Loblaws Trailhead...said hi, even. I wonder if she was grateful for the absence of "mountain bikers" on her trails today...