Sunday, January 18, 2009

Strange Sounds in the Valley

The sounds of the Don Valley Parkway dominate the lower part of the valley so you might be forgiven for not hearing the sound of a flute. The author of the Urban Flute Project apparently thinks that the bridge over the Don River at Pottery Road (or at least under it) has good acoustics. The author (composer?) has posted a short audio recording which unfortunately isn't very good quality. Still, it is unusual.

I haven't given much thought to the Pottery Road bridge. It's only distinction is that it's one of the few bridges that cross the Don right down in the valley. Most other bridges, such as the Bloor Viaduct are so high up you hardly notice the river at all.

Safe pitched into river at Pottery Road

The only time the bridge has come to my attention was a couple of years ago when I noticed that there was a safe sitting in the water just below the bridge. Someone apparently pitched it over the side of the bridge into the water. Perhaps they thought that it would sink into the depths, however the water here is only about 30 cm deep. Alas, the safe appeared open and empty. The city removed it a few days later.

Back to the music. Now that I know about the Urban Flute Project I'll be sure to slow down next time I cross the bridge and listen carefully. You never know what you might hear.

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urbanflute said...

Hey Don Watcher,
Thanks for checking out my Urban Flute Project, and the recent post with a recording from under the Pottery Road bridge. That's too bad if the soundfile didn't play clearly for you, as there have been some inexplicable tech glitches that I'm currently trying to resolve. I love the picture of the safe: some kind of story to be told here, for sure! I look for reading and learning more about the mighty Don River with your blog!