Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winter Walk in Crothers' Woods

I had some time before classes this week so I went for a hike in Crothers' Woods. I was pretty busy this past fall so I hadn't yet had the chance to inspect the new advanced trail that was constructed behind the sewage treatment plant. The forecast was sunny and cold but I found that I had to strip off layers as the hike warmed me up. Here are a few pictures from my travels.

New advanced trail. This trail was built specifically for bikers

There were plenty of footprints on the new trail so it's apparent that hikers have also adopted the trail

Care has been taken to bridge a gully but there is some construction debris that needs to be removed

New trailhead just west of the Leaside bridge

Noticed this fellow having a mid-day snooze at the top of a snag

Oops! Part of a red oak has fallen across the trail

I did a loop back along the "Flats" trail. The mountain bikers 'sneaky' underpass is still in good shape

The Don River winds sinuously through the valley


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

No, that trail was built specifically to be sustainable.

Any user can use it.

I have witnessed dog walkers, hikers, joggers, nature lovers, skiers, snowshoers, AND off-road cyclists using it in late summer, fall, winter, daytime, nighttime...

you should see some of the industrial waste along the trail from 50's & 60's era dumping that is falling out of the hillside. total shame.

"environmentally sensitive", "ravine protected area"...pffft. do your homework, environmentalists.


Anonymous said...

The "construction debris" isn't. It was from when the trail was used in the past. We specifically left it there so when the risk and liability folks walk the trail they can get a better idea how much better the new bridge is vs. the old one. We'll clean it up afterwards.