Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Trail in East Don

Trails in the East Don
Red = Existing trails
Green = Trail under construction
Yellow = Bridge locations

Since the summer the city has been busy creating a new trail in the East Don. The new trail will link a park known locally as Milne Hollow which is accessible from Lawrence Ave. East just east of the Don Valley Parkway and an unnamed park at the north end of the Wynford Park neighbourhood. So far they have completed clearing the trail (see green line). There is a plan to place a bridge at location #1 (see map) that will cross the river and create the link.

Sign detailing trail construction plans

What is not in the plan but makes sense to me is a similar link to Moccasin Trail Park. That trail would link to the southeast corner of the Don Mills neighbourhood which would be a easier access than through Milne Hollow which doesn't actually exit anywhere. So far there aren't any bridges crossing the river so you can't (legally) cross the river. I'll let you know when they do install a bridge which will make this trail much more usable.

The sign says that the eventual plan is to have the trail link up all the way south to the Forks of the Don although it may be a little tricky finding space south of Eglinton Ave. East since there is little wiggle room past the Flemingdon Park Golf Course. Here a few pix from the new trail.

Trail just south of Milne Hollow lined with limestone gravel

A little farther south the path lining changes to wood chips

The path as it goes under the CPR main line just north of Wynford Park


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me - does the City have a "Trails Plan" somewhere on the City website? I doubt they suddenly just thought of creating this useful link.

Jason Murray said...

Arrg! Wood chips! Apparently no one has learned from the great work that the PFR department is doing in Crothers Woods.

David Sky said...

Great to see new trails being added, thanks for letting us know.

spiny norman said...

Now that the secret's out and it's already been ruined I can reveal that the trail's been there for at least 10 years, unofficially. I liked it better when it was singletrack.

Anonymous said...

The trail was recently completed and last week they also completed the bridge across the Don. So now there is a continuous walking/cycling route from Moccasion Trail through two tunnels connecting to the bridge and the East Don Trail that now runs from Lawrence to Wynford.

Overton Manor said...

this new trail will be a great bonus for our students

Anonymous said...

does any body know how long is this trail ?


Anonymous said...

I moved into a condo a year ago in the Wynford/Concorde area. One of the reasons I chose this area was because of the wonderful ravine trail between Lawrence and Eglinton where I can walk my dog.
If anyone wishes to thank the city staff for such a fantastic renovation to the trail they can contact wendy strickland at wstrick@toronto.ca or garth armour at garmour@toronto.ca.
This department is currently doing an environmental assessment regarding extending the trail south of Eglinton to the forks at Don Mills Road to hook up to the bike path that runs along the west Don. Anyone interested in this enhancement should also contact the above.