Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Brick Works Billboard

New sign at the Brick Works

Here is the first indication that something is brewing at the Brick Works. No, I don't mean literally (although that idea was discussed). Evergreen, a national NGO whose mandate is to improve the environment of Canada's urban spaces has a plan to restore the Don Valley Brick Works and make it their national headquarters. Their plan calls for a $50 million dollar restoration of the now derelict Brick Works site. They have already raised about $15 million and plan to start construction within the next year.

While some people have expressed concerns about the project, especially in the increased use and traffic that will enter the site, most people agree that plan is generally a good one. I'll go out on a limb here and say that I support it too. The city doesn't have the money nor the will to restore the site. Once Evergreen moves in, they will perforce, stop a number of inappropriate uses that are potentially damaging. These include use of the buildings as a homeless squat and impromptu raves by youth. They should also have an indirect benefit on the quarry ponds park area which will remain under the city's control. The indirect affect will be (I hope) to control dog owners who let their dogs run free, limit the dumping of turtles and goldfish into the ponds and halt the proliferation of paths on the slopes and through the forest.


Anonymous said...

Can't we for once look at a view and not see wretched advertising!

Are there plans to remove the advertising on the roof any time soon do you know?

Anonymous said...

I was at the Brickworks recently and noticed the "pretty" red stones that have been layed out all over the front area, very natural indeed. Wonder how long it will take them to make its way into the Don.

Otherwise, keep up the good work on the quarry ponds.

Donwatcher said...

I expect the sign will be there for quite awhile. Evergreen is still in the midst of raising funds for the restoration and they need all the recognition they can get.

Also, I don't think the crushed brick will be a problem runoff wise. Any floods in there are low flow. Also the brick is better than the grey limestone because the clay is chemically neutral. Limestone still reacts with water. Although I imagine it will get a little muddy.