Friday, May 05, 2006

Mayor Miller Makes it to the Don

Miller, Davis, Ootes, Pitfield, Pantalone, Bussin... almost a council quorum.

On April 29, a bright sunny day, the city hosted it's 3rd annual Trees Across Toronto event. The Don Valley site called Sun Valley (after a soap manufacturer who used to occupy the land) is where we have planted almost 4,000 trees and shrubs. The first two years it was just Miller and Pantalone who showed up for speeches. This year being an election year has brought a whole host of councillors out for what was mostly a photo-op. They made speeches, planted one tree then left for the next event.

It was a bit of a circus with tents set up that gave away free Starbucks coffee, hotdogs from Loblaws, Mark Cullen from CFRB was there for some reason. The fire department even showed up with a water truck. While it was a bit of a circus, it did bring out about 200 volunteers who planted 1,300 trees in less than 2 hours, so not all was lost. Besides I got a free Starbucks coffee mug.

On your marks, get ready...

30 minutes later...

Get 'em started young - tree planter for life!

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River Rat said...

Hey DW,

Mark Cullen was doing his gardening show remotely from the event. He's always been very supportive of community events. When I did more with community gardening and the food bank "Grow a Row" program, he was always keen to help out and promote the program and did remote broadcasts from community garden openings. It makes for great promotion! I think it's good that he makes the connection between home gardening and community efforts to green the city.