Saturday, May 06, 2006

What needs to be fixed in this city?

"The Fixer" column in Friday's Toronto Star featured large tree branches under the old railway trestle across the Don between the Riverdale parks. This debris is a result of the August 19 storm last summer. "A large tree branch is suspended on a thick cable in one of three channels running under an old railway trestle that crosses the Don between Riverdale Farm and the Don Valley Parkway. The channel closest to the west bank is also blocked by sand and silt causing the river levels to be much higher than normal. If the river levels suddenly rose and more debris got caught, it could potentially flood the DVP, as happened during the August thunderstorm when people had to be rescued from vehicles."

Horrors! A flooded DVP, people trapped in cars! A priority item to clean up in the Don? Not in my view. The DVP is located in a floodplain, no wonder it's getting flooded. The creation of the DVP led to even more river diversion; wetlands were drained or paved over so natural overflow basins disappeared, leading to potential flooding problems.

How about flooding the parts of the DVP permanently? We could recreate the wetlands, have nice meanders down the sides, people could commute by train and relax and enjoy the bucolic river on their journey up and down the Valley.

Not likely but you can't help wishing.

Okay "Fixer", how about finding the people who are dumping old tires in the river next?

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