Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don River on Facebook

Facebook is an interesting cultural phenomenon. It is a web-based social networking site allowing friends to contact each other and to keep connected. You can also share photos and videos and there are online chat features. There are also these things called groups. Groups are a device that allow connections based on events, issues, common interests, and the like. There are thousands of these groups, some of which have an environmental focus. Not surprisingly, the Don River is the focus of a few of these. Here are a couple that I have found:

Friends of the Don East - this group networks people interested in activities associated with the NGO of the same name

Save the Don River - this group is run by someone named Mike Music who placed a video on Youtube that I recently critiqued. The group also has other videos shot on the Don, presumably by Mike. The group appears to be a loose collection of people who seem to be interested in general environmental issues concerning the Don River.

If anyone knows of other Facebook groups associated with the Don River I'd be interested in knowing about them. Note: you need to be a member of Facebook in order to participate in these groups. To date, it's free.

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