Friday, November 28, 2008

Walk the Don

Location map of walks (click to enlarge)

The Toronto Region and Conservation Authority has created a new feature on their website. Called Walk the Don, the program features three self-directed walks, one in Wilket Creek Park, another in Sherwood Park, and the third in the Lower Don.

Each of the walks is described in a 4 page booklet which you can download from the website and print. The walks will last from 1-2 hours and are designed to be walked at an easy pace. Each booklet describes interesting features of the ravines and forests that you will pass through on the walk.

The Lower Don and Wilket Creek walks describe a mix of historical and natural heritage while the Burke Brook walk concentrates on describing names of trees and plants that you may find along the paths. All three mention problems such as storm water and invasive plants that are prevalent throughout the Don watershed. If you follow these booklets, I have no doubt that even experienced naturalists will learn something new about these places.

Two more walking guides will be released in the near future with more planned for 2009. So if you're interested in finding out more about the Don, here is an easy way to go about it.


Anonymous said...

The Don Brochure is good but has a misprint:
Continue south to pass under
the Gerrard and Dundas
bridges to Queen Street. Here you
have the option to end your walk by
accessing the stairs to the 301 Queen
Street TTC streetcar which travels
west towards the Yonge-University
subway station."

The 301 runs at NIGHT, you can get the 501, or 504 streetcars at the bridge.

Maybe it can be fixed online and for the next printing?

Donwatcher said...

Good eye! I will pass the correction on to the editor of the pamphlets. It should be corrected shortly.