Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yellow Fish Road

Yellow Fish sidewalk sticker

I came across this plastic sticker affixed to a sidewalk north of O'Connor Drive in East York. This is part of the Yellow Fish Road program which seeks to educate people about where the water goes when it enters a storm drain. Lamentably, in most of downtown Toronto, it goes straight from here into the Don River. This leads to "wet weather" events such as one I documented in this video in the summer of 2007. Hopefully this sticker will lead people to stop dumping waste water and chemicals down the sewer. Waster water should be dumped in your basement sink which leads to the sanitary sewer. Chemicals such as paints and cleaners should be disposed of through the city's Environment Day program.

The program which has been around for some time is run by Trout Unlimited Canada. Locally, The TRCA runs it. You can contact them at 416-661-6600 x5373.

Storm drain grate

An older yellow fish, hand painted on a street in the Beaches neighbourhood. Several others nearby were very faded.

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